The Disability Experience - Book of Short Works and Poetry related to Disability,   Author Debbie Johnson

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Debbie's Friends

New Children's Book about Disabilities available free

In Debbie’s Friends, Debbie Johnson starts by introducing herself and the fact that she is an amputee. In the following chapters, two children she befriends, Jenny and Johnny, meet her friends with other disabilities, including physical, mental, and developmental ones.  They talk to Debbie’s friends and see them in their environment to understand how they cope with their limitations while remaining functional people.
The goals of the thirty-four page book are to: demystify disability, promote acceptance of the disabled, and to show how similar the disabled and non-disabled are. The author hopes that by introducing these concepts to children at a young age, the next generation will demonstrate increasing acceptance.
Debbie Johnson plans to distribute Debbie’s Friends free of charge to schools, libraries, churches, and other settings where it may be useful. By emailing,, a copy-ready version may be obtained. The user may make additional copies. Please help spread the word to others that by sending an email, they can receive Debbie’s Friends and see if they would like to use it. That’s it. That’s all they have to do.
Debbie has been networking over the past year with those who may be interested in this, and will be notifying them of the book’s availability. She would love for the book’s email box to be overflowing and take months to clean out. That would give her less time to write, but this is a project she truly believes in.
Debbie Johnson is author of The Disability Experience, The Disability Experience II, and now, Debbie’s Friends.
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