The Disability Experience - Book of Short Works and Poetry related to Disability,   Author Debbie Johnson
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My name is Debbie Johnson. I live in Nevada, Iowa with a very spoiled beagle named Zoey. I have had Major Depressive Disorder for many years. In 2004, I was disabled in car accident, resulting in a left above the knee amputation and requiring the use of a wheelchair for mobility.

I have recently published, "The Disability Experience," a collection of poetry and short non-fiction pieces dealing with life as a disabled person. My three goals for this book are:

1) To let others with disabilities know they are not alone.
2) To give the non-disabled a chance to see into our world.
3) To show the therapeutic value of writing in dealing with illness.

I have always enjoyed writing, but started writing in earnest three years ago after taking a therapeutic writing course. Writing has become a way of life for me. I feel an overwhelming desire to put thoughts into words and words on a page. As a way of advocating for the disabled, poor, homeless, aging and chronically ill, I want to share these works with others.

Writing is a wonderful way to explore self, and to communicate and learn from others. I belong to two writing groups and have my work peer-reviewed. Writing also shows that I am still here, and that my thoughts do matter. Writing, like any art, is a challenge and there is always more to learn.

"The Disability Experience" is my first book and was released last November 2012.Long a dream of mine, this does focus on life with disabilities. I do other types of writing too, and plan to release a more generalized book in the next year. These types of writings are also therapeutic as they can take you away from everyday difficulties, and let you explore other aspects of life, both fact and fiction, that help to make life a more well-rounded experience.

You may also check out my webpage and blog: Some of my newer writings appear there.
Debbie Johnson

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